Kashinka  Thai  kittens and cats


Kashinka  Snowshoes  kittens and cats



Kashinka  Thai  kittens and cats
I started breeding about 13 years ago, I really liked the athletic body type, the  rounded face and most of all the unbelievable nature.
The Thai breed are hardy cats, full of character, friendly and definitely have a mind of the own.  They  take over and rule almost any household, they own the dogs and their owners, 
These cats are outstanding hunters, and have dog-like mannerisms .....They can be trained to walk on a lead, they love walks, fishing and drives in the vehicle.

Photo right:-   Kittens at 4 months..left is female Jewel and right is future stud  Tchaicovsky.

  A very good article on this breed is on http://www.tica.org/public/breeds/th/intro.php

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Siamese and Thai stud  Thaikovsky.

Catia & baby

Jewel with litter



Kashinka  Snowshoes  kittens and cats
The Snowshoe cat is a cousin of the Siamese. It has been around for many years but it is still rare as a breed. These cats are loyal and loving towards their owners, but they dislikes to be alone and will then look for company with any pet or person.  The Snowshoe cat will talk but not as loud as the Siamese cat. Snowshoe felines are intelligent and enjoy many games like opening doors.
The Snowshoe male is of medium size but with a muscular body.  The female is much smaller.  The coat has a single layer of short hair which usually do not need grooming as the cat will keep it neat.

  photos above   Kashinka's snowshoe stud Micio

Hannah snowshoe queen


Kashinka  Snowshoes  kittens  


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Snowshoes kittens

     Kevin's Chloe Chocolate tabbypoint snowshoe