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Free listing for registered South African Cat Breeders   

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Main Coon, Manx,   replace at with @
 Wentworthz Main Coonz   by Elizabeth Wentworth  
contact   +27 21 976 1207 (home)             +27 72 595 7561 (cell)

Maine Coons  from  Kernes Maine Coons      by Mariane Kernes

Main Coon from The Legends Cattery by   Petra Smith    phone  +27 21 556 82 51

Maine Coon  from Kali-Katz Cattery by Ian and Althea Wollenschlaeger,  Thornton, Cape Town  Tel.: 021 531 0315 or Cell: 083 729 4018 Fax: 086 514 8823

Main Coon from CuriaCooni by John and Rentia Solomon  Tel:  012 997 2371

Maine Coon from Emalini Cattery by Vera Clarke phone home (after hours) +27 11 475 5541


 Maine Coon from Valkyrie Cattery  by  Bernice Schmarr

 (SACC registered)  082 810 7599 or 012 654 5737

Manx and Munchkin  from Les Beaux Chats by Johan contact . 


Munchkin  the short-legged cat from   Theani Munchkins  Theresa Fouché 

Munchkin   from   Karnaki cats :by Karen Pepler

Munchkin Diva's Cattery by W. Straus   012 734 01 96

Munchkin from WideSkies Cattery by Russel Spargo and Collin Bubb 

Cellular:  082 771 3895        Telephone:   021 481 3333            Fax:  086 692 8047 


Norwegian Forest

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