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Free listing for South African Cat Breeders   

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Abyssinian          American Curl             American Shrthair    AmericanWirehair      Balinese         Bengal        Birman       Bobtail           Bombay         British      Burmese       Burmill      Chinchilla       Colourpoint        Cornish Rex        Devin Rex        Exotic        Himalayans        Javanese      Japanese bobtail       LaPerm       Main Coon       Munchkin       Manx       Norwegian Forest       Oriental       Persians         Peterbald        Ragdolls       Russian Blue      Selkirk Rex      Siamese       Scottish Fold       Siberian       Sphynx       Somali      Snowshoe       Tonkinese       Turkish Van        Thai Siamese         



Somali,  Scottish Fold


Scottish Fold from Diva's Cattery by W. Straus   012 734 01 96



Scottish Folds    from   Karnaki cats by Karen Pepler



Somalis from   Karnaki cats by Karen Pepler



Somalis from Abymoon cattery  Tel: 028 425 3385  Mobile: 082 857 6692




Siberian   from Kali-Katz Cattery by Ian and Althea Wollenschlaeger,  Thornton, Cape Town  Tel.: 021 531 0315 or Cell: 083 729 4018 Fax: 086 514 8823




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Sphynx from Chaterley cattery by Ernie bester phone 022 4872766

Sphynx from  Nakit cattery by Ruth de Jager in Durban 

Kittens sometimes available to selected homes only, as Sphynx are strictly indoor pets. Tel: 031-4645907 Cell: 0726715858.

for more photos click here



Sphynx  from Exposed Sphynx by Anthony at Cape Town  Tel/fax: 021 4611356



Spynx  from Taldi cats   by Johan and Ian at  Port Elizabeth, Phone: 27 41 3682948

  Sphynx  from  Nakit Cattery by Kathy Hoole,  e.mail:, Tel: 031-4648327 - Cell : 0835921302.


Tonkinese,  Turkish Van

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Tonkinese from  Majikats Cattery kept by  Laura   Tel:  021 559 3807     Cell:  084 559 3807



Turkish   Vans    from   Karnaki cats :by Karen Pepler

Turkish Vans  from Turiska Turkish Vans

Big beautiful classic Turkish Vans cats with a special afinity for the water

by Mariska     contact 083 651 5227



TV star.jpg (10212 bytes) Grand Champion Denchin's  Stardust 
Celebrity and TV Star
click on the photo and meet the rest of the stars


South Africa Online


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cat of the year 2000   photos of all finalists
Cat of the Year  SACC  photos of all finalists from pre 1997 
Cat of the year  SFSA   photos of all finalists  from 1997
cat of the year CASA photos of all shows


SA cat registries -
Cat Federation   South Africa  CAFA

  Cat Association of South African   CASA

affiliate      World Cat Federation       WCF

South African Cat Register      SACC


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