sitemap of My blogs on Namibia are mainly about nature, aloes, trees and gems mineral crystals. 

The entries starts with a tour from southern Namibia border to Windhoek, then to Henties Bay on the west coast.  Down to Swakopmund with the salt road.  From there past the picturesque Spitzkoppe with a glimpse at the gems.  I will add photos of the crystals over time.

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My blogs are :  click on the links to read the entries 
Entries are for the year 2011
This is website where I keep my blog - it is in blog form on Namibia and the desert  
Love is being loved for who you are without any conditions


Entries are for the years 2008 to 2010 a very green year.
Namibia butterflies    Butterflies covered trees with flying flowers after the rains
Namibia Aragonite Azurite      photos of Aragonite and Azurite crystals from Namibia
Barite & Boltite  photos information on Barite and Boltite
Calcite & Cerussite beautiful but fragile crystals
Throne in the Caprivi   on the way passing this beautiful baobab tree
The pretty dresses of  the Herero women   are very beautiful and completey different to what we are used to. 
Invasion of roman spiders
Kambi the tame kudu with cat and dog friends
Kambi and her calf chased by a leopard
Kambi's little calf
In the green.  Another green year, something is not right but who  will complain.
free car wash   Free car wash in Oshakati
happiness  spending quality time in the xmas holidays (Decmber 2009) with the grand children.


My blogs are :  click on the links to read the entries 
Entries are for the years 2006 and 2007
southern Namibia    A quick trip with  photos from the southern border
Namib desert paradise   photos of  the Namib desert   like we never saw it before.
Namib dunes reflecting in water.
Namib harsh life - a harsh life in a harsh climate - is for the strong of heart.
Namibia trees tree styles created by nature every tree is unique.
Namibia windhoek   the capital city without smog where the baboons visit your home.
Namibia aloe
Namibia west coast. A drive along the west coast on the salt road to see Aloe asperifolia.
Namibia spitzkoppe the enchanted Spitzkoppe with a quick stop at a stall with crystals.
Namibia Xmas  is exciting for the children in Namibia as it is in other countries all over the world.  The best wishes for a merry Xmas and a healthy new year 2007.



Site map cats  Feline language and other cat as well as dogs and pets escapades
Site map aloes    entries and photos for my aloe blog on aloe habitats, nature, trees and  gardens  in South Africa and Namibia.
Site map on silky hearts, where do all the John Smiths come from and the wonder plant Hoodia  



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