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          Gasteria hybrids are hardy decorative garden plants

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Aloe x Gasteria hybrids out of the ordinary plants and not only attractive but also hardy and easy to cultivate.
Aloe and Gasteria are two different genera.  The hybrid has a smaller chance of being successful between different genera than between two aloe species. Fortunately there are always people like Etwin Aslander who go for a challenge and the results are these gorgeous plants as can be seen on the photos below. They grow well and add that something out of the ordinary to any garden, in pots containers and also indoors.
These hybrids are succulent plants, also known as fatplants. Given the right conditions they can be grown as a houseplant or as a potplant in the garden or greenhouse.
These two hybrids have been blooming at least twice a year. It is at least three months from the time that the buds formed to the last flower.
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Not all the hybrids bloomed, but the plants are hardy and beautiful on their own.
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