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Health and beauty with aloe gel

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Grow your own aloes and enjoy the medicinal qualities of aloe gel.  Your health is the most important possession you have.  Look after it  the natural way. 
By freezing the aloe gel you wil have fresh aloe gel ready at all times for creams to condition your skin, for burns, sunburn and overall good health.
Aloe vera and aloe ferox are not the only medicinal aloes that provide us with what we need to stay healthy and boost the immune system   -  there are many medicinal succulents and other medicinal plants too, like the remarkable Hoodia  now being cultivated for a safe weight loss.  
Succulents, aloe gel and other plants have the key to heal most of our illnesses 
other important uses:- beautiful skin recipesunburn,    cleansing milk recipe

For more  information on the Hoodia plants (click here)  in cultivation -   saving this rare plant.

Aloes are known for their medicinal qualities  and so are other succulents.          
Carpobrotus sauerae (sour fig) is a succulent with large beautiful flowers and edible fruit. Carpobrotus sauerae.jpg (82000 bytes)
The fruit is safe to eat and high in vitamins and other substances that boost the immune system.
The sap of the leaves are very good on the skin as conditioner, as well as to heal cold sores and certain rashes

photo right:  Different colors of Carpobrotus sauerae known as sour fig

An easy garden plant .  The little bugs in the flowers on the photo, eat some pollen which do no harm . They do good by pollinating the flowers.
Aloe vera and Aloe ferox are the best known medicinal aloes. Most aloes can safely be used externally, for internal use only  the gel of the aloe should be used by the novice.  The very bitter exudation or sap comes from the green outer part of the leaf and the gel is the translucent leaf pulp inside the leaf.   Peel off the green covering and the gel can be used safely and it is not bitter.
Fresh aloe gel taken in small doses,  is  an excellent immune system builder to keep good health, but the green skin and the bitter sap contain substances that may not be taken in quantity.
Aloe gel is perishable.  Freeze the fresh gel in small blocks and defrost before use.
Here are some  recipes for body creams and cleansing milk  
add natural fragrances to your liking .     
recipe:- for Aloe gel hand or body cream.   For a beautiful skin.
The easy to grow Aloe maculata(also known as A.saponaria) has a concentrated very smooth gel that makes the best cream but aloe vera(Aloe barbadensis) and Aloe ferox can also be used aloe.gel..jpg (15097 bytes)
Mix  one half a cup aloe gel with three cups aqua cream and one half teaspoon citric acid for an excellent  body cream.   You can ad a few drops fragrant oil
recipe:- cleansing milk
press 2-3 table spoon sized fresh aloe gel through a sieve and mix with half cup plain yogurt(or mix in liquidizer until the gel is smooth),  add one teaspoon lemon juice and one teaspoon sunflower oil (any plant oil).
Freeze in blocks.  defrost one block immediately before use - discard any leftover.
Rub into face, neck and/or body.  Wait a few minutes, rinse off and pat the skin lightly dry with a soft towel.
Use the fresh gel, for a face mask - you will be amazed at the result. The gel may be frozen and defrosted directly before use.
The gel of the leaves can be used on minor burns, sunburn and as a skin conditioner.  Keep frozen blocks always ready for use.
Aloe vera and Aloe ferox - medicinal aloes - taken internally has many remarkable effects, but some ingredients in the sap,
when taken internally, are irritating to the gut and intestinal linings. These components must be removed.
Plants have the key to heal most of our illnesses and more important it can boost our immune systems so that our bodies  can resist infection, depression, stress and other maladies.
However, it is a wrong conception that something is good because it is derived from plants.
The goodness of the plant may be in combination with substances that are not good for your health when taken in wrong doses.
Herbal products are usually safer than making your own remedies from information that is from an obscure source.
Herbs can cause problems with other herbs, dietary supplements, or medications.
Always tell your doctor  if you are taking any herbal products.
Gardening is a pleasure that takes the mind off personal problems,  providing relaxing exercises that will improve blood circulation and relax the nerves.   
Relieving stress is very important for good health.  

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