Aloe petricola  from South Africa - with photos

A medium size blue aloe with a densely flowered raceme,  ideal for the water saving garden

Aloe petricola does not send out any offshoots but it grows easy from seeds and it is an easy garden plant.   The long raceme is densely packed with many flowers in dark orange-red opening to orange shading to pale orange or cream.  The flowers of some plants may shade to white. The antlers are dark brown to black.

The name petri means "stones" and cola means "fond of" or "like" .  This aloe prefers to grow amongst stones with only a little soil to cover the roots.  Large stones or a wall will protect against frost.

Photo right:-

The flowers are just starting to open on the long racemes. The shading effect is not obvious at this stage. (94520 bytes)       

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like most aloes this decorative aloe makes a good pot or container plant



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